jaye is much better now she takes girl tablets. she is a fucking amazing parent, collector of other people debris and discarded images, musical savant, currently unemployed hackney based painter and drawer of pictures, computer saddo, documentary film-maker in waiting & petite and bijoux science fiction fan girl... oh and i play records too :)

this is my fundrasing site.. please donate and or share!! it will change my life!!


Oh hey, I’m a straightedge guy. I’m straightedge for like and I’m really original.

Don’t fuck with me man, or we’ll have to take it to the pitt.
You’re probably admiring my tattoos, yeah god free, fuck him. Satan is my homebody. <666. Oh and check out my black arm it’s the color of my soul. I also have XXX across my chest because I like v-necks and I forget I’m straightedge and it has to be there to remind me. 
I like to wear beanies too, because SCENE IS DEAD, SHAVE YOUR HEAD.
and I don’t like to harm my body but I stretch my ears mad big. and I like to pierce my face. so watch out for it in the pitt dudes.
Also check out my beard, bitches love beards so I grow it out like the rest of my xcorex bros. 
Parties are for losers, I’d rather fuck 14 scene girls instead.
You see that mean look on my face? it’s cause I hate the world.
Now fuck you guys i’m going to go listen to bring me the horizon and mosh in my room alone because I hate everyone. 

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