jaye is much better now she takes girl tablets. she is a fucking amazing parent, collector of other people debris and discarded images, musical savant, currently unemployed hackney based painter and drawer of pictures, computer saddo, documentary film-maker in waiting & petite and bijoux science fiction fan girl... oh and i play records too :)

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Aw yay for the sad no anon mail gang!
I’m ok thanks for asking lovely blank person. Had a major blip last week based on a combination of no meds and loads of alcohol.. Reversed that now and am back in a groove of somesorts.. Had major ramen, wines and matcha last night with friends that I haven’t seen in a while.. It was ace. My ex is bleaching my hair and dying it pink tonight so that should be interesting how are you? Xxx


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Back on track with the whole taking my tablets, not drinking, feeling better about myself, not shaving all my hair and cutting my tits off, not killing myself thing.
Normal service should be resumed very soon.
You lot are very lovely

The women I want to cuddle, get close to, share moments with, explore, hang with, wake up with, drink tea with and generally feel loved with are so so far away.

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