jaye is much better now she takes girl tablets. she is a fucking amazing parent, collector of other people debris and discarded images, musical savant, currently unemployed hackney based painter and drawer of pictures, computer saddo, documentary film-maker in waiting & petite and bijoux science fiction fan girl... oh and i play records too :)

this is my fundrasing site.. please donate and or share!! it will change my life!!


one year porniversarry today!!!!! celebrating it with shooting with bailey jay!!!!

Just saw this on Instagram!! Great way to celebrate ❤️

So I raised £1500 on my FFS indiegogo (so blown away that people actually cared and shared and contributed I’ll be forever in their debt) but obviously that is not even enough for one procedure let alone the whole lot. Taken a couple of weeks to gather my thoughts on what to do next (my mum tried to take her life again so she went back into hospital on the Wednesday before the campaign ended so that made me take my eye off the ball too) looks like she will be going into a care home so I now finally after 18 months I have to try and get a job or get back to earning and finally start this new life I’ve been threatening. But the erasure of him, my masculine features still has to happen. All I see is him. A bloke. And it makes me cry still. My options are..
1. Do another fundraiser
2. Try and get a job and maybe in 4-5 yrs get my credit rating back up
To a point where I can borrow money again.
3. Rob a bank
4. Something else???
I’m lost again..

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