jaye is much better now she takes girl tablets. she is a fucking amazing parent, collector of other people debris and discarded images, musical savant, currently unemployed hackney based painter and drawer of pictures, computer saddo, documentary film-maker in waiting & petite and bijoux science fiction fan girl... oh and i play records too :)

this is my fundrasing site.. please donate and or share!! it will change my life!!
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i have a running feud with her over how she talks about trans woman sex workers, something she has faced a substantial amount of criticism about by other trans women who perform in porn, and she dismisses. some of the posts pertaining to this can be found in the “sex work” tag on my blog (which i have been working on making a more comprehensive index of my writings on sex work).

specifically, things she has said i take issue with are that mainstream trans porn (which pays trans women such as myself cash to have sex in front of a camera) visually depicts trans women as being a combination of a cis man and a cis woman (e.g., looking like a cis woman while having the sexuality of a cis man). i noted that this criticism of porn is degrading to the workers.

more recently she mounted a defense of the idea that comparing someone casually to a person who has performed in porn or done sex work (in this instance, bailey jay) inherently sexualizes and objectifies that person. that notion i feel is rooted firmly in the idea that our personalities and images are damaged by our work and is also disrespectful to sex workers.

in both of these cases there are actually legitimate feminist issues to be addressed with respect to porn production and the types of predatory sexual behavior engaged in by men but that the way zinnia jones has addressed these has been at the expense of sex workers. zinnia jones rejects that distinction as being semantic and mocks criticisms by sex workers as being “tumblr social justice” gone awry.

more recently she has claimed to be a sex negative radical feminist, which i am also, but displays a basic lack of understanding of the conceptual framework from which those ideologies are derived and uses that ideological label primarily as an excuse to talk shit about sex workers. for example, when asked what she thought of marxism she said that she didnt know enough about it to respond and that it wasnt relevant to her interests. that anyone takes her recent posturing as radical seriously is absurd.

additionally, when i mentioned on my blog that i was uncomfortable being referred to with singular they pronouns, which she had been doing in her passive aggressive tweets about me, she mocked my pronoun preference and continued to exclusively use singular ‘they’ for me. to my knowledge she has never once respected my pronoun preference, something which for me triggers sex dysphoria

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one year porniversarry today!!!!! celebrating it with shooting with bailey jay!!!!

Just saw this on Instagram!! Great way to celebrate ❤️

So I raised £1500 on my FFS indiegogo (so blown away that people actually cared and shared and contributed I’ll be forever in their debt) but obviously that is not even enough for one procedure let alone the whole lot. Taken a couple of weeks to gather my thoughts on what to do next (my mum tried to take her life again so she went back into hospital on the Wednesday before the campaign ended so that made me take my eye off the ball too) looks like she will be going into a care home so I now finally after 18 months I have to try and get a job or get back to earning and finally start this new life I’ve been threatening. But the erasure of him, my masculine features still has to happen. All I see is him. A bloke. And it makes me cry still. My options are..
1. Do another fundraiser
2. Try and get a job and maybe in 4-5 yrs get my credit rating back up
To a point where I can borrow money again.
3. Rob a bank
4. Something else???
I’m lost again..

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